Saturday, December 1, 2007

Coming out of my cave.

Well, I did it, I started my very first blog. I've come out of my electronic cave and squinted at the bright sunlight like the day I bought my very first DVD player. I was so proud, bringing in the large box, opening it up and pulling out the electronic masterpiece. After hooking it up, I dropped in my first DVD, Lord of the Rings, my favorite movie. And there was Orlando Blooming running across my screen, his blond hair flying in the wind. I was so proud that day. Now again, I stand on the mountain and roar.

Ok, so it is a bit dramatic, but hey, I'm a writer or at least I'm making my way down the road of writing. I wrote a book, no one wanted it, so I'm on the next one. It's ready to go to a publisher, but my procrastination keeps standing in my way. It punches me in the stomach and whispers cruel words in my ears about failure and even success. But I've socked my foe in the belly and finished my query letter and synopsis, the two evils of writing. Now all I need is the marketing proposal, which I will do today, I think. Anyway, I want this blog to be about my first, well, actually, second love - writing. Jesus is my first love. (Yeah, I'm one of those.) So maybe a combination of my first and second loves? We'll see. But isn't it wonderful the way these words appear on the screen? Words that invoke anger, hatred, love, romance, longing, every emotion we humans poses. Words reach down inside of us and pull out those feelings. With them, we either lavish or trash another human and it all came from the words printed on the screen. Cool, huh?

Anyway, this is my journey with Jesus and writing, mixed. So much is running through my head like little mice scurrying through a desert house. People I've met in my journey whom I miss with my heart, others I'm glad are gone. Anyway, I'm learning so much from others that I need a place to organize my thoughts. So this is it. I want to put down lessons I've learned from others and stuff I've just picked up along the way. This will help, a lot. So as I learn things, I want to document them so I at least can remember them. It seems that the older I get, the less room there is in the old brain. :))

Well with that said, I guess I need to get back to my fire, it seems to be going out and the cave is getting chilled, not to mention there's a bear on the ridge. He looks hungry.

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