Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sparkling eyes.

This was a very cool experience and I learned so much!!! I love my friends. She asked me to meet her at the book store to talk about writing. Of course I agreed. How can I turn down discussing my, well, second love? We chit chatted a bit about the Christmas play we were in last year and about Christmas, we spoke of receipes and church, just always staying above the surface. That's when the itching over took me and I had to asked the mighty question: What do you want to know about writing? Her eyes lite up and the questions tumbled forth like a waterfall. She asked about Characters, POV's, fiction vs non-fiction. She told me her writing dreams of the future and what God had laid upon her heart. I was looking beyond the Looking Glass and into sacred territory. Her life twinkled in her eyes and her cheeks flushed with both embarrassment and excitement. For some strange reason I felt as if I were the only one to hear these sacred and treasured dreams. I was stepping amounst the daiseys and I had to be careful not to crunch them. They are delicate, these dreams we treasure deep inside. So I told her to go for it, to follow God's directions - Go after this like a pitbull.

That's when I saw it, a miracle blooming before me. The dream began to form and take shape as her words seeped from her. It grew legs and arms, a beating heart and seeing eyes. It peered out at me and smiled softly. Its lips moved and whispered, Thank you for believing in me.

I guess the lesson today is believe in others, don't be jealous or trash their hopes. I pray to God that my friend becomes the writer that lives deep inside her and she surpasses all others. Go for it, dear, like a pitbull dog. :)

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